What are the technical requirements to use DEMEDUSATOR?

To use the system you need a Java 1.1/Javascript 1.1 enabled HTML-browser, and a VRML 2.0 browser. We reccomend you Netscape 4.01 (or higher) or Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0(or higher) with Cosmo Player 2.01(or higher) - we tested DEMEDUSATOR with these configurations. (Note, that for Netscape 4.xx you need to download the JDK 1.1 update)

How do I login to DEMEDUSATOR?

First You have to go to the login-page (if you aren't still there).
If you are a registered user, then type in your username and password, then click on the "login" button. If you didn't register yourself before, then you have to create an account for yourself first by clicking on the "register" button.

How do I create an account in DEMEDUSATOR?

First You have to go to the registration-page (if you aren't still there).
All you have to do is to fill out the registration form, then click on the register button. You don't have to give your e-mail address, but until now this is the only way to communicate with other users. If you mistyped something, the system will give you back the registration-page, asking you to try again.

How do I navigate in DEMEDUSATOR?

In DEMEDUSATOR you can use the default interface of your VRML-browser to navigate in the 3D world. As a help to find your way there is a small grid around you. If you find an interesting object, just "touch it", and it will "turn back" to the original uploaded media.

How do I upload something to DEMEDUSATOR?

First you have to navigate to the desired place in the space you want to place your object. You can upload files to the world by selecting one of the possible file-types: image/sound/movie/etc... In the popup window you can select (by clicking the browse button),name and upload your object(by clicking the "upload" button). The uploaded file is parsed by a CGI program, placed in the database, and the encrypted sculpture is placed in the VRML world at the closest possible place to your position.